Boost your Italian through creative exercises

Are you ready to find your words, make them meaningful, and use them to connect?

What every language learner wants is to be able to communicate in the language they are studying. But it is not enough to speak correctly, and it is not all you need. Language learning is part rules and part instinct. This course is going to work on the instinct part. It will give you the tools to connect with Italian, emotionally, and structurally. Taking the time to reflect on the language will help you develop the ability to create meaningful sentences. Taking the time to go deep will help you recognize structures and patterns of Italian and as a consequence, you will be able to read (and listen) an Italian text faster. This course will connect your previous knowledge of Italian with your communication. You will be working on your perception of the language and your awareness. Playing with the Italian language will not only make you a more confident writer and speaker, but it will also teach you the power of words and how to master it. This course will help you increase your vocabulary which will make it easier for you to “speak your mind” in any situation. We are what we say, so let’s make it clear.
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This course includes:

  • all the course materials (same as the self-paced course)

  • 4 weeks of chat support (via Telegram)

  • 4 weekly live sessions (30 minutes each)

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Da dove cominciare?

    • Chi è l'insegnante

    • Cos’è il Creative Italian Lab

    • La storia di questa storia - Home is a reflection

    • Come usare questo corso

    • Cosa ti serve

  • 2

    Book your sessions

    • Prenota le tue 4 sessioni da 30 minuti

  • 3

    Modulo 1. Usare le parole degli altri per trovare le nostre

    • Qui trovi il PDF con la storia

    • Lettura veloce per trovare le parole

    • Le poesie si nascondono, troviamole!

    • E' arrivato il momento di capirci qualcosa

  • 4

    Modulo 2. Riflessione e Journaling

    • Qui trovi la versione Journal della storia

    • Qui trovi l'audiolibro

    • Lettura attenta, facciamo caso ai dettagli

  • 5

    Modulo 3. Digging deep, cerchiamo di capire meglio

    • Riscrivere

    • Descrivere

    • Content generator | From the Subscribers' Library

    • Collocare gli eventi nel tempo

  • 6

    Modulo 4. Esercizi di scrittura creativa e artistica

    • Chissà cosa le è successo

    • Non ci sono alternative. O forse sì?

    • Riscrivere. Ma in un altro senso

    • Pescare tre parole dalla busta

    • Collage

  • 7

    E ora?

    • Ora hai la cornice, devi solo riempirla

  • 8

    Un regalino :)

    • Un mio collage digitale per te! Scaricabile e stampabile :)

Your instructor

Silvia Perrone

Italian language coach

I’m a teacher, author, content creator, blogger, reader, language learner, jewelry maker, aperitivo lover, summer at the beach type of girl. I publish stories, podcasts, videos, but I’m an introvert. Because I am extremely curious, I have always found it hard to just use the same old materials to learn a language. So that’s why I write stories and lead workshops to help you learn Italian creatively and at your own pace.

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